honda k24 bare engine
Honda K24A JDM Engine Bare

Honda K24A JDM Engine Bare

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Imported from the streets of Japan our Honda K24 JDM engines are above and beyond amazing quality.We have sourced these from the strictest engine exporter in Japan and you can even see the quality in the pictures. They have been removed from automatic low mileage vehicles which means they have barely been run in. These are the 3 lobe camshaft models which are the highest spec and offer ultimate performance.Here is a list of what comes on this engine , this engine pack is more aimed towards motorsport / high performance and we have removed a lot of the unnecessary parts to keep the cost down -

Complete engine
Steel sump 
Original exhaust manifold 

* Sensors , coil packs , wiring loom , power steering pump , alternator , inlet manifold , injectors , water pump and housing , starter are NOT included in the pack * 

*The above is everything that is included in this pack , if you require something else for the conversion you are doing please contact up or add it to the basket with the engine.