About Us

Welcome to IconicAuto-Design , our company was originally founded in 2013 with the intention of bringing higher quality and unique products to the Range Rover aftermarket market place. With the introduction of our wide arch bodykit for the Range Rover Sport 2005-2010 model the business started to grow and our unique products started to show up all over Europe. 

We also produced two models of rear spoilers , a top spoiler and a mid level spoiler for this model. These were in high demand and are on vehicles all over the world !!! 
Soon we decided to diversify into other vehicles while still having lots of love for the Range Rover models .... bringing out a front sport grill for the Range Rover Vogue 2014 model and a Nismo style front lip for the Nissan Skyline R33. 
Next we started on entirely different model the Honda Civic 2015 Hatchback. The FK2 Honda Civic Type-r had just been released and was a stunning looking car. We wanted to make it easy for customers to upgrade their regular model 1.4 , 1.6 or 1.8 engine models to look like the Type-R. As the Type-R was wide arch none of the original parts would fit the regular model .... so we got to work and this is the result . We even made it for the estate model.
* All the above pictures are actual pictures of our products * 

One of our main aims when designing and manufacturing our products is to think about how our customers are going to be able to fit these products . We have been in the aftermarket car industry for over 15 years and most of the time bodystyling parts are just handed to the customer with no brackets , no fitting kit and no instructions .... this always leads to confusion and problems. So when we offer our products with comprehensive fitting kits , instructions if required and we are always available for off site support for you or your bodyshop.
Next let me introduce myself ... my name is Steven and i am the business owner. I have worked in the automotive aftermarket industry for over 15 years mainly in the top Honda tuning company in Ireland. My main job was to work with customers looking to build and maintain high performance Honda cars or cars with Honda engines for road and motorsport applications. I did this job very well and cars we built or worked on ended up being sold to all over Europe. The cars we spec'd and supplied parts to won many motorsport events .My job was to design the spec of the engines and gearboxes for these cars depending on the desired power or ability required by the customer. This involved researching the following -  the best compression ratio for the pistons we would use , what oil delivery system would be required for the max revs desired , the size and spec of the camshafts and valve train to be used .... and basically anything to do with the engine and gearbox setup. I also spec'd the wiring looms , ecu's , injectors , inlet manifolds , cooling systems ,supercharger size, turbo size and much much more! Below are some of the cars i spec'd parts for the in house engine builder. 
Here are some customer cars i worked with over the course of some years when they were doing full restorations on Honda Civic EG6 SIR models ... i was heavily involved in both projects - 
All the above images are just to show you that our company has massive experience with all aftermarket products for most brands of cars . We are happy to share our experience and knowledge with our customers to bring their cars to life whether its for road use or extreme motorsport. 
Best Regards 
Steven Barber