honda civic fn2 bumper vents

Honda Civic FN2 FRP Mugen Style Front Bumper Vents Pack ( left + right )

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The FN2 model Honda Civic Type R was a little tame when it was released. It was designed to appeal to both the younger driver who wanted vtec performance in a hot hatch and also to a more refined and slightly older customer who wanted a high performance car that didn't stand out too much. Luckily the masters of Honda Tuning in Japan released a large amount of aftermarket bodystyling parts which changed the tame factory model to a beefy , aggressive monster that hunts standard models when your sleeping!! 

Points to note about this product - 

* We molded an original Mugen bumper vent pack which means our production is as close to an original as possible. 

* We manufacture this product in FRP. This is a high quality plastic reinforced fibreglass. We recommend for best results that this material is first test fitted , sanded , then primed and finally painted. 

* This vent pack will fit all Genuine FN2 front bumpers.