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Iconic / HSP Europe Honda Civic EP3 TYPE R ecu Reflash

Want to get the best performance from your Honda Civic Type R ? 

Well we have been tuning and modifying these models for over 10 years!

Why should you buy our reflash service when there are others available on the market ? Because we know what were doing for one and we have also put extensive testing and R+D to come to the point of offering our final and best reflash available for the Civic Type r EP3.

Most other reflashes you find online are just a map which a guy (without a dyno) has supplied to another guy who is then offering it as a service! That's not us!!! 

We created this map ourselves along with a experienced if not somewhat famous mapper. 
We spent hours on the dyno and then went back and spent more hours on the dyno to offer the very best reflash there could possibly be!

So what the specifics of our reflash then??

1. We spent a lot of time finding the perfect vtec engagement point which would engage and straight away start to pull aggressively through the rev range , as you can see there is no dip in our chart when vtec is engaged , why?? Because we spent time at our reflash and used a dyno , that's why!!

2. We mapped the fuelling and ignition tables (along with the VTC angle tables) to release an extra 15 - 20 ft lb all though the map. So not only do you get a more aggressive and powerful vtec rev range but also below the vtec engagement point we made lots more torque!! So the car drives better and more powerful while in and out of vtec!! 

3. We increased the rev limiter slightly just to get the most a the top end. We are still well well within the limits of the valve train. We have also removed the standing still rev limiter so you can now launch at any revs not just below 4500 rpms like factory.

4. We have enabled a shift light function which flashes the engine checklight before you hit the rev limiter to tell you to change gear.  

5. Our reflash will work with all models and with exhaust and air intake modifications 

* It will not work with camshafts changes , turbos or superchargers *

What do you need to do??

1. Buy the product.

2. Remove your ecu from your car ( we can advise you on how to do this )

2. We will give you the address to post your ecu to 

3. We offer a slightly slower turn around on this reflash service , 5-10days.

3. Wait patiently for your ecu to arrive back

4. Install the ecu , drive your car and be happy knowing your car now feels amazing!! 

5. Go to the next trackday and pass out your friends!