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The Doctronic ECU package already offers everything that most customers need, like tuning of the ECU’s fueling and ignition tables and almost every available additional feature. This includes - Map Sensor size change , Boost Control by PWM, Launch Control, Flatshift, Antilag, etc. All this without any Piggyback or Daughter board installed into the ECU! This model ecu which was specially developed in conjunction with Iconic Auto Design brings the full mapping power of the Pro ECU K to the CL7 and CL9 'Drive by Wire' chassis.  So get it bought ! installed ! tuned ! and hit the street or track to cause some havoc!! 

* * Cruise control will not function with our dual harness ecu setup * * 

* * Not suitable for automatic cars * *

Whats included - 

Complete Doctronic Pro ECU-K ecu. 
Doctronic dual ecu harness 
Lambda sensor extender harness. 

How does it all work? - 

*The dual harness first plugs into the cars original ecu plugs
*Next plug in the original Accord ecu and the Pro ECU-K
*Slide the drivers seat forward and disconnect the rear lambda sensor.
*Install the lambda extender supplied with the ecu kit. 
*Remove the rear lambda sensor from the cat / decat and move it to the front lambda sensor position. The front lambda sensor can be removed it is no longer used. 
*Install a blanker in the original rear lambda sensor position. 
*Next there is a pigtail coming from the dual ecu harness which has an LED light on the end , this will be your new Engine Error light, this should be routed to the cluster area and installed where deemed nice.
*The original Engine Error light will be on after installing the dual harness so we recommend covering this LED. 
*The car will now start on the base map installed on the ecu and is ready for mapping.

This ecu is designed to also be up-gradable. So you can buy extra little add on packs to customize your ecu to do more cool stuff such as - 

* * None of the below add on are included in the base package price * *

1.Logger interface - This allows your log all your data for a certain amount of time onto a USB stick included and then play it back to check things like , knock level , coolant temp , misfires , max revs , basically anything. 

2.Expansion box - This unit allows for extra add ons to be  installed such as .. extra sensors (EGT) , Digital inputs , Analog sensors etc. 

3.Dot Display unit - This is a small robust display unit which can be customized to display any information the ecu holds . This is excellent for showing extra important data for your race car which is not display on your regular dash cluster.

4.Droi Dash interface - This wifi interface allows you to use a Android enabled screen ( phone or tablet ) as a full digital dashboard. Watch your revs , speed and sensors in full digital form so you won't miss any information while enjoying your track session.

5.AIM Dash interface - This interface allows you to give data to your AIM dash from the Pro K ecu , nothing else is required.

6.Lotus Elise interface - This interface allows you to send signals to the original dash cluster so everything works again after you have installed the K20 engine with the Pro K ecu. No wire changes or extra temp sensors are required.

Here is a list of the important points about the ecu - 

• Edit Fuel, Ignition and Cam Tables
• Expanded Tables for Boost (20x20 Cells)
• ITBs / Alpha-N Tuning
• 2D & 3D Graphics and Edit in Graphic Mode
• Fuel Scaler for bigger Injectors
• Fuel Corrections
• Ignition Corrections
• VTEC Control incl. full VTEC Window
• VTC Locking, Disabling
• Idle Control
• Rev Limiters, Fuel and Ignition Cut
• Shiftlight by Gear
• Launch Control (2 Step) by Ignition Cut
• Launch Control User Setable
• Flatshift (3 Step) by Igniton Cut
• Flatshift by Gear
• Antilag for Launch Control and Flatshift
• Shiftcut for Sequential Gearboxes by Ignition Cut
• Shiftcut by Gear
• Lambda Control
• external Wideband as AF Sensor and/or in Datalog
• Failsave Function
• Immobilizer Disabling or Bypassing
• Knocksensor Control
• Fan Control
• Automatic AC off
• ECU Password Protection
• OBDII Error Handling
• Support for any linear MAP Sensor
• Easy TPS Calibration
• Gear Ratio Setup with easy learn Function
• Gear from Analog Source (i.e. Sequential Gearbox)
• Support for non Stock IAT Sensor
• Support for non Stock ECT Sensor
• Additional Sensors (6) with Limitcheck
• Engine Protection
• Boost Cut
• Boost Control Valve Control by PWM
• Boost Control by Gear
• two Sets of Boost Control
• Nitrous or General Output
• Flex Fuel (direct Ethanol Content Sensor connection)
• Barometric Correction
• Traction Control support
• Userconfigurable Dashboard
• Realtime Display of ECU Sensors and Parameters
• Errorcodes (DTC) And Readiness Codes
• Realtime Datalogging
• Graphical View of Datalog
• Select Tables from Datalog
• Datalog to USB Stick
• Android Dashboard Application
• Interface to Dashboard
• Highspeed USB Communication

This is a complete ecu , no donor is required !!