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The NSX made its first public appearances in 1989, at the Chicago Auto Show in February and at the Tokyo motor show in October of that year, receiving positive reviews. Honda revised the car's name from NS-X to NSX before commencement of production and sales. The NSX went on sale in Japan in 1990 at Honda Verno dealership sales channels, supplanting the Prelude as the flagship model. The NSX was sold under Honda's Acura Luxury Brand starting in November 1990 in North America and Hong Kong

Upon its official debut, the NSX design concept showcased Honda's technology, measuring only 1,170 mm (46 in) in height, making it only 141.3 mm (5.56 in) taller than the Ford GT40, a GT racing car designed and funded solely to win at LeMans. The Japanese car maker's race track innovations and competitive history were further exemplified on the road by the NSX's ultra-rigid and ultra-light all aluminium monocoque chassis along with front and rear double wishbone suspension, with forged control arms connected to forged alloy wheels. The car additionally boasted the world's first production car engine with titanium connecting rods , forged pistons, and ultra high-revving capabilities – the redline was at 8,300 rpm – all traits usually associated with track and race engineered cars. The NSX's exterior had a dedicated 23-step paint process, including an aircraft type chromate coating designed for chemically protecting the aluminium bodywork and a waterborne paint for the base coat to achieve a clearer, more vivid top color and a smoother surface finish.

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