Why are baffled sumps a must have part for your engine?

Whats one of the worst things that can happen to you on a trackday in your car? You have been waiting for weeks to really test you and yours cars ability , you have changed the oil , fitted new sparkplugs , replaced the airfilter and fitted your grippy track tires. Ok and were off ..... first lap is warm up and the tires are starting to grip .... we are coming down the main straight to start lap 2 and the tires are really gripping well. Towards the end of lap 2 there is a long sweeping right hand turn ... you power through it aggressively !! .... then you hear it !!?? No it can't be! I changed the oil only a couple of days ago .... but yes it is , that long sweeping right hand turn had pushed all the oil to one side of the sump and away from the oil pump sucker and for that 1 or 2 seconds with the engine not having enough oil .... a big end bearing ran dry and it is now damaged and it has damaged the crank also. 

Does this sound like a nightmare ? Well this happens alot and there is a very very simple solution ... buy a baffled sump or retro fit sump baffle kit. 

Below is one we offer for the Honda K20 and K24 engines and the diagram will demonstrate how sump baffles work. 

sump baffle explained