Flex fuel sensor

With so much technology these days its an amazing time to be racing or tuning your car. This is a very simple but amazing unit ... it is a flex fuel content sensor which is used to read the ethanol content in your fuel and in turn allows the ecu to adjust your map to suit. In simple terms if your running a high compression engine or boost this allows you to run around on your daily business on normal petrol ... next thing you want to do a trackday , no need to drain your fuel tank and prepare an ethanol mix ... just add ethanol to your tank and the sensor will sense the % of ethanol now in the fuel mix. Perfect for cars which are both road and trackcars. For more Motorsport based cars this sensor is also great as ethanol fuel from a petrol station can change % depending on the time of year or maybe from station to station , this sensor allows the the map to be perfect no matter what the fuel tolerances are. Our most popular ecu's Hondata and Doctronic both accept flex fuel sensors. 

flex fuel sensor