Fake Honda Parts - be careful out there !!

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Take time to read this post carefully .... just because a part has a label that looks similar to a Honda Genuine Parts label does not mean it is a Genuine Honda part inside. There is a massive amount of 'fake' parts in the world but some of the time they will work for maybe a lesser period of time than the genuine part or maybe there might be fitment issues or maybe it will look poorer quality than the original item. This is not the case with Honda engine parts ... if you install low quality fake parts which have to be packed in 'fake' Honda packaging to have some hope of selling them then you risk the parts failing and in most scenarios the 'fake' part failing will normally destroy or severely damage your engine. You need to buy Genuine Honda parts from a reputable company ... we supply only Genuine Honda parts ... no copies / no fakes .... why skimp out on a part that could destroy your 4-5000€ engine !! it's crazy !! Below are some picture's from customers of fake parts or poor quality non Honda parts.  

The below 3 pictures are what happens when a customer used a BGA timing chain kit on his K20a2 EP3 engine ... the chain started to fall apart and the guides did the same. 

The below images show 'fake' Honda parts which were supplied to a customer through an online supplier ... firstly the packaging is wrong , the bags which the parts in are too dark , the label is not anywhere close to what a genuine label is like and then the final part of the packaging that keen eye'd people would notice is that the timing chain tensioner from Honda always comes in a 'bubble' bag. To confirm that the parts were 'fake' the customer was wondering why the new chain was 12.5mm wide and the one on the engine was only 10.5mm , he thought the engine had previously been fitted with a non Honda chain until he tried to fit his new chain into the original Honda chain guides .