The Honda RDX injector has been around for years and is a great upgrade for most naturally aspirated Honda engines with an output of 410cc. Unfortunately the market recently has become flooded with 'fake' versions. They are extremely similar to the original Honda version and sometimes even come in copy Honda boxes. Probably 90% of the RDX injectors for sale on ebay are fake. We use the term fake for a product that is sold as being manufactured by a company when it is not i.e Denso. 

So what can you do to protect yourself as a bad quality injector has huge influences on how your engine performs and also how long it lasts. The test which are on youtube show leakage , bad spray patterns and totally in consistent levels of fuel being sprayed. Below are thing to help you when buying RDX injectors. 

1. Buy from a reputable seller who is selling the injectors for in or around the price that most sellers are selling for which would be approx €280 - €320. If a seller is selling them new for alot less than this they are 'fake' as all the reputable sellers are buying them from Honda directly and are all paying the same price so nobody has a super special buying price from somewhere. I would suggest not buying these on ebay or second hand ever (unless the seller is a well known garage and will stand over them being genuine ) 

2.  The 'fake' injectors seem to come with a black o ring at both ends where as the genuine Honda version comes with a green o ring at one end. 

3. The 'fake' injectors have a very visible and pronounced DENSO  and part number stamp where as the genuine Honda version is very light and faded looking. 

* * Everybody please be careful when buying this product online , there is no point in spending 2-3 thousand on your engine build to then have it melt a piston or put a conrod through the block due to malfunctioning injectors .. be sensible! * *

fake rdx injector test  
Fake RDX injector test results - does this look even to you???

fake rdx injectors
This shows how the Denso part number definition differs between real and fake.
* Fake is the top injector in the picture with two black o rings *