Honda Integra Type-R DB8 - K20

This is one of our customers cars, an amazing Honda Integra Type-R DB8. These are so rare! They were produced in Japan from 1995-2000 and were basically a 4dr Integra Type-R. The car sits on some nice Volk style wheels and the cars body is mainly standard but in excellent condition. Then we open the bonnet ....... that's not normal !! Yes this beast has a full JDM K20a engine conversion pushing out over 250bhp , 6 speed LSD gearbox and some tasty upgrades. The Skunk2 Ultra street inlet manifold just looks amazing, it dominates the engine bay and sucks massive amounts of air into the engine. The mixture of the JDM camshafts , the Skunk2 intake and the exhaust system make a very aggressive and pronounced vtec cross over on this car. This is a very tidy installation and is a credit to our customer. 

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