Honda Integra DC2 H22a Turbo build

This is an on-going build with one of our customers , it is a JDM Honda Integra DC2 Type-R with a h22a swap and now we're doing a turbo upgrade !! The turbo is a Garrett model , not too big as its a standard bottom end and the car will be boosting only 7-9psi. Along with the turbo upgrade we also supplied lots of things to keep everything safe and working well .... balance shaft delete kit which is a super upgrade on the H22 engines , anti walk timing belt ring ... i don't know how many times I've encountered belt walk on this model engine but it's been alot ! New timing belt , new water pump and some seal wrap up the timing belt area. To make the most of the new boost we supplied a Skunk2 inlet manifold and 70mm throttle body.... this in addition to the 4 bar map sensor and boost solenoid controller keep track of the boost side of things . We supplied all parts and went into massive detail with our customer before anything was ordered to make sure everything was going to work well together and give him the best end result . 

* * More updates coming soon * *

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