Honda Accord K20a6 to K20Z4 Engine Conversion

This is one of our customers in Cyprus. We have been helping him recently with the installation on a Honda Civic FN2 Type R engine into his Honda Accord 2003. We helped him with sourcing the engine and arranged shipping. We arranged some additional parts which would be required for the conversion and supplied some instructions on how to go about installation. 

If you know about this model Honda Accord (2003-2005) you will know that it has a manual style throttle body ( Not drive by wire ) ... this make this conversion a little more complicated. But we have solutions for both this model and the (2006-2008) K20z2 model. 

This model Honda Accord is an amazing car. It handles great , has lots of room and the styling was way before its time and still doesn't look outdated. The one problem is the power (bhp) ... There was a K20a 220bhp model produced for the Japanese market , which is an amazing car but its rare to find one , there was the CL9 K24 model which produced 190bhp but in standard form it was lazy and didn't rev high , with modifications this engine became alot better but still could only rev safely to 7500rpms with the standard conrods and pistons. 

We have solutions for making your Honda Accord K20a6 or K20z2 model into a powerful , reving performance car. The engine will produce 200-210bhp and will rev to 8700rpms. Now you can keep you Honda Accord which you love but it just feels under powered and you can enjoy it again with 50+ bhp more and lots more fun!!!!

This is what we do! We have years of experience and knowledge and are able to help and advise customers about conversions , power upgrades , which ecu to use and lots more . We are not just reading stuff from a catalog  and passing on the words to customers like many other shops .... we have been involved with so many builds and cars we know what options to offer customers that will work!!

k20z4 honda accord

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