Honda Civic EG EK SIR Rear Right Brake Caliper

Honda Civic EG EK SIR Rear Right Brake Caliper

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Imported from the streets of Japan our Honda Civic EG EK SIR Rear Right brake calipers are above and beyond amazing quality.We have sourced these from the strictest engine exporter in Japan and you can even see the quality in the pictures. They have been removed mileage vehicles. Please do not mistake these parts for the parts available for sale elsewhere in Ireland , England and Europe as most of these parts have been on high mileage cars and may have even been on two or three different cars in there lifetime. 

This is a Honda Civic SIR 4x100 (RHD JDM) Rear Right brake caliper with the following parts included - 

Front left caliper* 7clp13s code *
Front caliper bracket 
* These are used high quality genuine Honda parts *

This is sold as a replacement for the Civic SIR 92-00