honda civic fk2 rear spoiler
Honda civic fk2 rear spoiler
Honda Civic 2015-2017 FK2 Type R Rear Spoiler

Honda Civic 2015-2017 FK2 Type R Rear Spoiler

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The already famous Honda Civic 2015 Type R brought to the world the first Type R turbo Honda. With the new engine setup it also brought some super aggressive styling including a rear spoiler which totally changed how a regular model Honda Civic looked. This super aggressive rear spoiler will make you stare and really appreciate how the rear of your car looks. When your in paying for your fuel and you look out the window and think WOW! my car looks really mean. 

Points to note about this product - 

* This is a genuine Honda product BRAND NEW. 

* This product comes painted in a range of colours

* Your original middle brakelight will swap over to this spoiler. 

* Installation of this spoiler is simple and we offer an instructions sheet.

 * * * The white option is championship white , it will not be the exact same shade as your pearl white colour , there is no option from Honda to buy it painted pearl white * * *

* This spoiler will only fit the 2015 - 2017 non Type R facelift model.