Honda civic 2015 front lip fk2 style
Honda Civic 2015-2017 Estate FK2 Type R Replica Front Lip
honda civic fk2 style front lip estate

Honda Civic 2015-2017 Estate FK2 Type R Replica Front Lip

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The already famous Honda Civic 2015 Type R brought to the world the first Type R turbo Honda. With the new engine setup it also brought some super aggressive styling including a front lip which totally changed how a regular model Honda Civic looked. This stylish lower bumper add-on will make you stare and really appreciate how the front of your car looks. When your in paying for your fuel and you look out the window and think WOW! my car looks really cool. 

Points to note about this product - 

* We molded and Modified an original Honda front lip which means our production is as close to an original as possible while fitting the non Type R body.

* We manufacture this product in FRP. This is a high quality plastic reinforced fiber glass. We recommend for best results that this material is first test fitted , sanded , then primed and finally painted. * * The part is not finished in gloss black , it is black gel coat from the mold , it can be wrapped , aerosol painted or professionally painted * *

* This front lip pack comes with a fitting kit , instructions and of course the famous red stripe.

* This front lip will only fit the 2015 - 2017 Estate facelift model.